New hero in Overwatch – Brigitte

Brigitte is the new hero in Overwatch. She specialized in armor, could heal allies by dropping repair kits for them and by attacking enemies with her whip. She could deal damage in a small cone in front of her, just like Reinhardt. She is armed with a small shield, with which she could cover her self or allies.

Brigitte Overwatch young

Brigitte BIO

  • Real Name: Brigitte Lindholm;
  • Age: 28 years;
  • Base: Goteborg, Sweden;

Brigitte is such a person who always rushes into the heart of battle, to save those who needed her help. She is the youngest daughter of the Torbjorn. Only she decided to learn engineering craftsmanship, and her father helped her in everything he could.

Brigitte Overwatch repair

Her godfather is Reinhardt, and also he is a teacher of this young woman. As a squire, Brigitte had many duties, but the main one was to maintain Reinhardt’s armor in good repair. The device of the armor of the class “Crusader” was known to the girl long and wide because the last version of the design was developed by her father. However, in due course she had to look more and more frequently for Reinhardt himself and to suppress his excessive enthusiasm, for the years of battles had not passed for him without a trace.

Briggite’s Abilities

Engineering skills of Brigitte make her an unbending hero of a support class. She is capable of holding a position, treating allies and supplying armor at the same time. Her main weapon is a chain, a wide swing which can hit several opponents at a time. “Whiplash” allows Brigitte to toss the chain forward, which damages enemies in the distance and pushes them away. Thanks to the passive “Vigor” skill, every stroke of Brigitte treats allies nearby.

Brigitte Overwatch reinhardt

The ability “Personal Barrier” unfolds before Brigitte an energy shield that absorbs a share of the damage and protects the allies behind her. When the barrier is raised, Brigitte can use the Shield Strike and lunge forward, which will stun the first enemy on the way. The engineer’s skill allows her to create repair kits that instantly heal injured allies and provide armor of companions with a maximum of health. Gathering strength, Brigitta can apply the superpower “Shared collection” – this insistent appeal gives allies near armor and increases the speed of movement of Brigitte, which allows her to lead the comrades into battle.