Meta of the Teamfight Tactics 9.14 patch

TFT Meta for patch 9.14

TFT is a pretty young game so there are a lot of changes with every patch that are shaking the balance a lot. So it is a pretty common thing, to re-learn all the basics after such a huge patch. Here, in this article, I will analyze all the changes and how they will affect the meta in the TFT.

TFT patch 9.14

For those of us, who want just to briefly learn what this patch changed here is my short conclusion.

  • Demons and Shapeshifters are S-Tier comps.
  • Many champions were buffed, especially Elise.
  • Gunslingers are now fun to play, thanks to the on-hit item changes.

For the rest of us, welcome to my TFT 9.14 patch analyzing, all info was gathered thanks to the!

Overall changes

AS (attack speed) is now slightly reworked

We’ve changed all champions’ attack speed ratios so that attack speed bonuses are now calculated based on a percent of the champion’s base attack speed. In short, champions with lower base attack speeds will receive less benefit from attack speed items. Certain champions and attack speed granting items have been adjusted in this patch to compensate. Champion Attack Speed Ratios: 1.0 ⇒ champion base attack speed.

This slightly nerfed Recurve Bow, but it is still S-tier item in the TFT, and even this is not changing the balance of this item. But this little change could help to bring balance in the Attack Speed of the champions. Awesome AS change that buffed all attack speed items.

PvE rethinking

In the event that you do not get an item during a PvE round, one of the minions, monsters, or epic monsters will now drop gold instead. Dragon and Elder Dragon no longer benefit from the Dragon Trait bonuses. All sorcery comps rejoice.

The first change will not bring the balance in the RNG system, but still, it would be quite a good compensation for a lack of an item. But you need to learn how to use this little bonus to gain an advantage from it because in the late game items have much more value than the gold.

Teamfight Tactics PvE

And finally, Sorcerers now could kill both dragons! Yeah, it is a pure pleasure for all Sorc comp players.

Level 9 for everyone!

XP to 9: 70 ⇒ 64

So now you could reach level nine a bit earlier. Even though it will not affect 90% of your games, it is still a nice buff.

Changes of Origins and Classes


Mana burn chance: 40/60/80% ⇒ 25/50/85%

That was obvious that this buff needs to be nerfed a little. Because before there we no much need in collecting more than two demons for increased chances, but now the mana drain chance increasing dramatically. Despite the nerf, the Demons are still incredibly strong, considering the fact that the 4-demon buff was only slightly nerfed, while 6-demon buff was buffed.


Golem health: 3000 ⇒ 2500
Golem Attack damage: 200 ⇒ 100

The summon was incredibly strong, and that is why it was nerfed. Elementalists were the too powerful class, due to the extremely strong golem and quite easy-to-find champions. This is definitely a nerf of the Elementalists, but they are still quite good class to build.


Armor buff: Stacks up to 2 times ⇒ Stacks any number of times.

guardians tft

Guardians was a weak class, but with these infinite stacks of Armor, they could shine in some compositions. You could even gather up multiple Guardian copies and try them out. It would be interesting to experiment with them.


Improved visualization of Gunslinger AoE attacks.
Fixed some bugs where Gunslinger extra attacks could fail to fire at high attack speeds.
Extra Units Hit: 1/all ⇒ 1/2

The biggest change of the patch. Now they are not so random, but still extremely strong. The longer the game, the stronger this buff, thanks to the on-hit items. Also, bugs were fixed and now they look much more smooth.


Average gold per chest: 2 ⇒ 1.6

Twisted Fate pirate tft

With the releasing a new Pirate – Twisted Fate, Riot Games decided to slightly nerf the Pirate class bonus. But with the adding one more Pirate it is much easier to build these boys. The total gold is nerfed, but not the RNG. So do not expect much from it, just take everything they will give to you.


Bugfix: Shapeshifters will now gain the correct amount of health when they transform, previously they would fail to take into account the health they gained from their star level.
Transform health gain: 100% ⇒ 60%

With the decrease of the Elise cost down to the 1 coin, the overall strength of Shapeshifters increased. Items that increasing HP, after a bug fix, now extremely useful, so you need Warmog’s Armor for the carry shapeshifter, like Shyvana or three-star Elise.


I have not looked at the champions and items, otherwise, it would be a too giant article, so I’ll add another one. Stay with me and you will read a lot of new things about Teamfight Tactics!

League of Legends Analytics: Patch 9.11 | Major changes

Patch 9.11 in LoL: What’s new?

Newest LoL patch shook the Meta greatly, but which changes are most impactful? If you are really interested in it, then this article was created for you. The most interesting and thrilling changes of the League of Legends Patch 9.11 are not so great 😀 But they will lead you to the major rework that will hit the live servers pretty soon.

Champion changes – 9.11

As most of the patches, this one is balancing many champions. Most of the upcoming changes are affecting the strongest champions of the previous patch, but there are some interesting decisions that may highlight heroes quite brightly.


Khartus LoL

Junglers were affected the most in this patch, so let’s start with them. First one in line is Karthus, whose ultimate ability was nerfed quite a lot. The base damage and AP ratio are now much lesser than it was before. And not Karthus is not in the rank of the Junglers with the strongest scaling abilities. In general, nothing changed for that champion, he still manages to clear all jungle camps before Rift Scuttler spawns. The same fast clearing speed and incredibly strong ganks. But now you need to adapt to Ultimate changes to correctly calculate the damage output during ganks. To truly nerf Karthus Riot Games need to add some restrictions to his Q ability if it is used on the neutral creeps.

Master Yi

Pulsefire Master Yi

Another nerf of the Master’s Yi attack speed. This time it was nerfed down to 0.679 and that is quite a lot. But the real problem is the nerfs of Alpha Strikes (Q ability) down to 15%. Taking into account the previous nerfs in patch 9.10 the new Master Yi is looking much less effective in the jungle and his snowball potential was decreased. And don’t forget that now Attack Speed items will be not so effective as before, so focus on Warrior and Crit Chance builds instead.



Another patch, another Rammus nerf. This time his ultimate base damage was nerfed. It won’t affect this hero a lot, but if you get used to his damage, you need to reconsider your calculations. He is still quite good as a jungler, but with this nerf he will not be as good as before in teamfights or during ganks. Don’t forget about some little details like delated crab timer and Cinderhulk buff, with these changes new Rammus will be a little stronger in games.


Warwick LoL

Warwick, the jungler who survived! And not only survived but became stronger. Jaws of the Beast healing was increased a lot on the last level of ability (from 70% to 90%) and now his dueling potential is incredibly good. I could say that in team fights you even may become as strong as Nunu. With that change, even skill build may be changed. Previously Jaws of the Beast was not so hi-priority ability, but now it’s value increased a lot.


Zac Let's Bounce

The great rework is here! Zac’s ultimate is now reworked, Riot Games decided to bring it back to the classy one. And I am happy with that! Cuz current ultimate is too complicated to use and there were only a few situations in my whole career where his ultimate was really helpful. So I’m pretty glad that good old “Let’s Bounce” ultimate is back, and boosters at are extremely happy about this! Bringing chaos to enemy positioning is always fun and the most important it is impactful as hell! I may only dream about Riot bringing back immunity to CC while Zac casting R ability, and he will become God Tier tank-jungler.


Akali LoL

Whew, we finished with junglers. So let’s look at Akali’s nerfs. The most important one is her passive nerf. Everything was decreased, starting from energy restorations to the AP and AD scaling. It is a HUGE blow to the late stages of the game and I cannot imagine a situation where Akali will be considered as a good pick. Her win rate will be dropped definitely.


Akali League of Legends

Our lovely support Janna received a slight rework in the LoL patch 9.11. First of all her W – Zephyr ability received reducing of CD and damage. While Eye of the Storm – E, received an increased shield and new visual effects.EACH of Janna’s ability that CCs an enemy will decrease the CD on E by 20%. So if you’ll master her skillshots you will be a precious gift to any ADC because in that case, they will receive a permanent shield. Thank Riot for bringing back the ADC meta back to League of Legends.


Galio skin LoL

Galio, I love that guy but we all need to accept that he must be nerfed sooner or later. Shield of Durand – W, and Justice Punch – E, base damage was decreased quite a lot. So the only choice to see a great Galio – is to build his as an AP Galio on mid lane. But think about it, while there is an AP Nautilus, who would pick AP Galio? Right now I DO NOT recommend you to pick Galio in any situation.

New hero in Overwatch – Brigitte

Brigitte is the new hero in Overwatch. She specialized in armor, could heal allies by dropping repair kits for them and by attacking enemies with her whip. She could deal damage in a small cone in front of her, just like Reinhardt. She is armed with a small shield, with which she could cover her self or allies.

Brigitte Overwatch young

Brigitte BIO

  • Real Name: Brigitte Lindholm;
  • Age: 28 years;
  • Base: Goteborg, Sweden;

Brigitte is such a person who always rushes into the heart of battle, to save those who needed her help. She is the youngest daughter of the Torbjorn. Only she decided to learn engineering craftsmanship, and her father helped her in everything he could.

Brigitte Overwatch repair

Her godfather is Reinhardt, and also he is a teacher of this young woman. As a squire, Brigitte had many duties, but the main one was to maintain Reinhardt’s armor in good repair. The device of the armor of the class “Crusader” was known to the girl long and wide because the last version of the design was developed by her father. However, in due course she had to look more and more frequently for Reinhardt himself and to suppress his excessive enthusiasm, for the years of battles had not passed for him without a trace.

Briggite’s Abilities

Engineering skills of Brigitte make her an unbending hero of a support class. She is capable of holding a position, treating allies and supplying armor at the same time. Her main weapon is a chain, a wide swing which can hit several opponents at a time. “Whiplash” allows Brigitte to toss the chain forward, which damages enemies in the distance and pushes them away. Thanks to the passive “Vigor” skill, every stroke of Brigitte treats allies nearby.

Brigitte Overwatch reinhardt

The ability “Personal Barrier” unfolds before Brigitte an energy shield that absorbs a share of the damage and protects the allies behind her. When the barrier is raised, Brigitte can use the Shield Strike and lunge forward, which will stun the first enemy on the way. The engineer’s skill allows her to create repair kits that instantly heal injured allies and provide armor of companions with a maximum of health. Gathering strength, Brigitta can apply the superpower “Shared collection” – this insistent appeal gives allies near armor and increases the speed of movement of Brigitte, which allows her to lead the comrades into battle.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 | New Skins, Game mode and other

Overwatch Winter Wonderland |  New Year in Overwatch

At the 12 December 2017, in Overwatch, the new event starts – Winter Wonderland. In this year with the new hero skins, the good old event “Operation blizzard” will come back with the second event – “Yeti Hunter“.

overwatch winter wonderland

Papa Jeff Kaplan recorded another “News from the developers” in which he described in details of all new enhancements on “Winter Wonderland“.

  • Handzo will receive a new legendary skin that is based on the comics series of the game.
  • Roadhog and Junkrat will receive two legendary skins as well.
  • Winter variations of the popular maps are back. King’s Row and Hanamura will be painted in white during the event.
  • Operation Blizzard is back not only in Ecostation: Antarctica, but also on the winter’s version of the Black Forest.
  • For all Mei lovers, developers add the new game mode – Yeti Hunter, where a squad of five Mei will hunt Winston in the Yeti skin.
  • In the new game mode, Winston must hide from Mei and collect meat, that will charge his Primal Rage. While the Primal Rage is active Winston turn the game and turn into a hunter himself.

overwatch wonderland

Overwatch – First Anniversary

Anniversary of Overwatch

Overwatch anniversary skins

Yesterday, on May 23, the Overwatch turned one year old! This is a great joy for all the fans of the session FPS games and for the developers themselves. Blizzard decided to celebrate this day with their fans and added new maps and items to the game.

Three new arena maps in Arcade mode, more than a hundred new awards including 11 legendary skins and new dance emotions for EVERY hero of the Overwatch game. This is the largest update on the number of added content, and you can get it all from the new containers – the anniversary containers of Overwatch. According to the established tradition, you will receive one free box when you enter the game from May 23 to June 12, 2017. You can also buy holiday containers, but only until the end of the festive season.

New items in anniversary containers

In the game were added next items:

  • 25 graffiti (1 each hero + 1 festive)
  • 48 replicas (2 for each hero)
  • 11 legendary skins
  • 24 dance emotions
  • Emotions “Sitting” and “Laughter” for Sombra and Orisa (are not festive content)

New legendary skins for Overwatch:

  • Pharra – Beduin
  • Soldier 76 – Cyborg: 76
  • DiVa – Cruiser
  • Tracer – Graffiti
  • Hanzo – Cyberninja
  • Mei – Beekeeper
  • Zarya – Cyberian
  • Bastion – Dune Buggy
  • Genji – Sentai
  • Symmetra – Oasis
  • Lucio – Jazzy

Overwatch anniversary dance emotes

New maps

New maps were added for the game modes 1×1 and 3×3. To win in these modes, you just need to destroy all the opponents.


Ana Amari has in the necropolis not only her secret shelter but also an advanced observation post. A lot of peaks for observation, narrow alleys for sudden attacks, all this was created only for one purpose – to determine the best of you. Only do not fall into the pit.


Castillo is an old port in Dorado Bay, it is here that the Calaveras Bar is located. This bar is famous for its visitors, and they can not be called as good guys. Also nearby is the base of the famous group of Los Muertos and the refuge of Sombra. Use the vertical advantages of this map if you want to defeat the opponent.

Black forest

Not far from Eichenwalde is a long-abandoned battlefield, which is the last refuge for a lot of Bastion type omnics. But today this quiet place will again be lit up by flashes of gunfire and poisoned by spilled blood. Destroy enemies while they are moving along the trails from the castle to the forest and use wooden balconies to move among the map.

Overwatch first anniversary

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Call of Duty: World War II

COD is back

CoD: World war II

No surprises: Call of Duty: WW2 will come on November 3 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and will be dedicated to fighting on the Western Front of the Second World War. As expected, the preorder award will be eligible for early participation in the multiplayer testing. The owners of the PS4 will have the first access to the closed beta test, but later other platforms can join.

Call of Duty: WWII at the E3 2017

More details about multiplayer promises to be opened at the E3 2017 exhibit. For the time being, it is known that a special map will be created for multiplayer, something resembling a tower in the Destiny. Also, a new asymmetric capture mode and a new class system will appear. And, of course, the game will have a cooperative zombie mode – the Third Reich could not resist the temptation to create a cool mystical army in an attempt to reverse the course of war.

The story will rotate around the fate of the rookie of the United States 1st Infantry Division, Sergeant William Pearson, even though the game is not limited to one protagonist, and it will be possible to play as the woman in the French Resistance. Naturally, the game will show the most popular battles of the Second World War, such as the Normandy landing and the Battle of Hardenne. Most of the game will take place in the 1944-1945 year, but some of the Missions will be deployed in an earlier period to introduce the player to the heroes and lay the basis for the narrative. One of the main actors in the game – Josh Duhamel, known for “Transformers” and smaller movies.

CoD: WWII Zombie

Information about story

The scene campaign will become more personal, focused on the perception of a particular soldier, though the scale scenes are not going anywhere. Developers claim that they have done a tremendous job of making the locations and events in the game look reliable. The general tone of the Call of Duty: WW2 will be a dark, unpainted.

No more Wolverines in CoD

Automatic regeneration should be replaced by a system of closer interaction with the squad: the details are not yet revealed, but it is clear that some of the storyline’s partners will be able to heal your wounds, while others can share bullets. Distance is an important factor: if run far from the squad, then the medical care or additional supplies can be forgotten. And how it’s going to be implemented in multiplayer nobody knows yet.

Another significant innovation for the game supports the simultaneous participation of up to 48 players in multiplayer modes. Probably, this info is about “Headquarters” – the social space in which players are drawn between battles, but perhaps new modes will be able to accept more players than they have in the series.

Other CoD and Overwatch related news:

Overwatch: New event info was leaked

Through the X-box live interface leaked the first picture of the new skins for Overwatch’s heroes that were created for the new event. As we suppose before this event will be take base from from the e-comix “Uprising”, and new skins will receive such heroes as Reinhardt, Mercy, Tracer and Torbjorn.

Overwatch new event

New event as we think will be chained with the Overwatch’s lore and will have some PvE ingame mod. As we can see the plot of this event will be tied with the Omnic terroristic group named as “Zero sector”. And our heroes will confront them at the Kings Row.

By the way, if you still do not read this comix, then we highly recommend to read it. You can find Uprising comix at the official Overwatch’s website. Or at this link.

League of Legends – Ultimate guide

League of Legends – best MOBA in the world

The multi-player online video game has great prospects. It is possible to play the game as per your convenience. As the online game is very popular, you should take steps to play the game very efficiently. You should be aware of the rules and regulations. The documentation presented by the game developer will help you in this context.

It is also required to go through popular resources so that all your needs will be fulfilled in a very efficient way. As you go through the link, you can understand about the game in a better way and there will be great fulfilling experience.

Reviews and LoL guides

It is true that reviews and guides will help players to go through the game and they will be able to learn and master the game in quick succession. As the League of Legends is different from other kinds of games, you should be in possession of information so that quick progress can be made in the game without any issues.

You should have vast knowledge and it should be readily accessible at any point of time. To reach level 30 in the game, you should go through the game in a systematic way. As you go through the reviews, you will be able to understand the do’s and don’ts.

Learn about characters and positions

There is great need to learn about characters and positions. Even though it is difficult to learn about characters, you can avoid many mistakes when you go through the reviews and guide. You will commit fewer mistakes and there will be quick progress in the game.

Various kinds of characters should be attempted so that you can play the game very effectively. As you reach level 5, you will be able to access most of the gameplay options. There are games which are played in between players as well. As you should spend sufficient time to help you foot on the ground, you should struggle to emerge victorious. There should be efforts to try the best character and the result should be assessed.

Various championships

There are various championships which include melee champions, ranged ones and assassins. In the beginning, you should ask various kinds of questions to select characters, championship, etc.

league of legends champions

It is very much important to understand basics about different positions and maps. The chat medium can be used effectively to communicate with others. If you would like to convey the message clearly, you should know what to speak. The information should be conveyed to your teammates in a very efficient way.

By using the right vocabulary at right time, there will be great progress in the game. When you use right kind of vocabulary, you will get assistance from others. There will not be any confusion and all your needs will be fulfilled in the best possible way.

Sumonner's rift art

It is not possible to become an expert overnight. By playing the game in a systematic way, all the odds can be overcome and there will be highest level of satisfaction. You should be familiar with the general vocabulary of Summoner’s Rift. As you gain knowledge about various positions, the game can be played very efficiently.

Knowledge about the map

As you are aware of the map and its content, you will be able to make great progress in the game. There are three lanes in the map. They are top, middle and bottom. You should understand the fact that the area present in between the lanes is the jungle. Bottom left and top right corners are meant for team bases.

lol map roles

Your location on the map and the champion chosen by you will determine your position. You should be familiar with five top positions that help you reach level, 30. You can find comprehensive information about League of Legends by visiting the link,

Top position

It is the champion’s position who will stick to the top lane in Summoner’s Rift. It is most commonly played by tanks or bruisers. Melee characters can cause lot of damage. They can deal with the situation in a very efficient way.

Mid position

There will be solid ability power with middle lane characters. Most of the characters are champions.

Jungle position

It is the champion who doesn’t have any assigned lane. They will move around the jungle freely. In this process, they will kill monsters. They can move to any maps to help their teammates. If they come across an opponent, they will assassinate them instantly.

ADC position

It is one of the two champions which are assigned to the bottom lane. They spend their time as farming minions during the early part of the game. They will buy as much gear as possible and will be successful in increasing their attack damage.

Support position

It is the other champion who will play on the bottom lane. They are expected to perform many tasks. It is their responsibility to keep ADC in living condition. They will help teammates in accomplishing land kills. The team’s visibility is very much enhanced by placing wards on the map.

Gaining hold in the game

If you follow the instructions shared by the developer, you can understand about advantageous positions and characters. Right kind of character can be chosen and you can play safely without any issues.

You should go through the mini-map several times so that there will be great progress and you will not be confused at any point of time. As it is important about the happenings in your immediate surroundings, you should have the understanding about the game. You should be aware of the important events that are happening off-screen as well. If you are not aware of the map, the enemy might possess your location very easily. You might lose an opportunity to win the battle in a very simple way.

Focus on one position

Even though you can try all positions, you should focus one on so that you will be able to move into advantageous position very easily. Instead of planning for all the 30 levels in the beginning, you should go through step by step planning so that you can clear levels very easily.

Beginners should focus first 20 levels so that they will be able to make great progress in a systematic way. You should avoid jungle position when you are playing the game as a beginner. contains useful information to help beginners as well as experienced. You can understand more about the game so that you will be able to play the game in a very safe way.

Skill and experience

To make progress in the game, League of Legends skill and experience are required. The knowledge will help players use resources in the best possible way. Players should be aware of in-game items and champions. To access in-game items, you should be at the level 20.

lol skill shots

You are advised to play many games with your favorite champion. To learn about champion, you should want to play specific games containing 5, 10 and 20 games at a time. You are encouraged to try new champions as well so that there will not be any issues.

Explore the game

As there are many things to learn and practice in the game, you should explore the game in a systematic way. all the stuff present in the game cannot be experienced at once.

If you play with a character that you had never played before, you will get great excitement. When you are playing the League of Legend on a regular basis, new characters can be tried once in a fortnight. The abilities of the champion should be used in more than one way. They can be used as per your condition so that there will be great progress in the game.

You can apply the character position to shoot others as well as escape from the enemy in a very efficient way. As soon as the potential of a particular character is realized, you should memorize it so that you can use at various instances in the game. You should be able to assess your strength at any point of time so that right moves can be made.

Hotkeys should be memorized by players so that the situation can be taken into your advantage and there will be great satisfaction. As you reach the level 30, you will be able to memorize few keystrokes so that quick advancements are made in the game.

lol hot keys

There are main abilities, level-up abilities, ability on yourself and ability at your cursor. If you wish to prevent auto tracking minions, ‘S’ should be applied. To achieve an active ability, you should press a number in between 1 and 6. When you press spacebar, the camera will be centered on the champion. Hence, it will help you fight team battles in a very efficient way.

As you learn the League Language, you will make mechanical progress. If you are acclimatized with the community, you can get into advantageous position in the game. will help you play the game and explore its full potential so that there will be great satisfaction.

Elo ranking system

League of Legends as any other Moba game have a competition game mode, and to help players Riot divide players on the Elo division. There are 5 different elo divisions, that are also divide by groups:

  1. Diamond I – 2480
  2. Diamond II – 2410
  3. Diamond III – 2340
  4. Diamond IV – 2270
  5. Diamond V – 2200
  6. Platinum I – 2130
  7. Platinum II – 2060
  8. Platinum III – 1990
  9. Platinum IV – 1920
  10. Platinum V – 1850
  11. Gold I – 1780
  12. Gold II – 1710
  13. Gold III – 1640
  14. Gold IV – 1570
  15. Gold V – 1500
  16. Silver I – 1430
  17. Silver II – 1360
  18. Silver III – 1290
  19. Silver IV – 1220
  20. Silver V – 1150
  21. Bronze I – 1080
  22. Bronze II – 1010
  23. Bronze III – 940
  24. Bronze IV – 870
  25. Bronze V – 800

Elo ranking

You earn elo points after winning each match, but you also lose elo point after losing a match. So play your best and you will reach desirable league quickly.

In LoL as in any other MMO game play different kind of peoples: Tryharders, casuals, lamers, trolls. If the first 3 kind of players are harmless, the last one – this salty person, just want to ruin your game and make you lose the match. In low rating the chances of meeting such person is very high, so you need to break through low elo ranking to play for joy. Here are the best options available:

  • Tryhard as ADC or MID. If you can manage to destroy enemy, then any troll just can not do anything with you.
  • Play in group. If you playin in a group then the chances that you meet salty person is incredibly low. The bigger the group – the lower your chances.
  • Stay calm and report all trolls in game. Riot’s tribunal is serious threat to such trolls, so just help to all world, and make this world cleaner but reporting this douchebag.
  • Order a boost from a boosting service. This is really easy way to break through elohell. Just find some nice looking lol boost website and order a boost. And a few hours past you will be playing in the desirable league with a real pros in your team.

If you want to chose the last option, then i highly recommend Boosteria, because it is the best service among others.

Boosteria - boosting service

I usually use this service by myself, so i can say about next advantages of boosteria:

  • Price list – really great prices, also they have sales. If you want to order a boost but want to save some money, just wait for the sale.
  • Profesional and Friendly boosters – I used this service 2 times, and each of my boosters were great mans, that teach me a lot of cool LoL tricks.
  • Coaching – If you do not want to order boost, you can always hire a coach, that will teach you how to play LoL properly. Great variant if you want to achieve everything by yourself.
  • Personal Area – you little, personal corner in the Boosteria’s website, where you can start a conversation with your booster, check your order history and more. Just check it by yourself.

Boosteria sale


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Overwatch: Sound effects

Voice features Overwatch

Some developers who are responsible for the sound and atmosphere of the Overwatch answered a few questions from users of Reddit. The Blizzard development team works very well with the community. They regularly release videoblogs, where they told about an update. And everything was telling by Jeff Kaplan himself. One of the last of such works was the AMA on the Overwatch subreddit. Developers who are engaged in sound answered several questions about the Overwatch. Also you can find all voice actors that works under Overwatch.

Anna’s voice

Forum user Skyponyyt asked: “how long have you worked on the voice acting of Ana?”

Blizz_PaulLackey answers: “from training to production prior to shipment takes about 12 weeks. This time includes preparation, and then while game designers will release new hero model. Then we give the character sounds for testing. It only remains to optimize character, make emotions, surface interaction and voice recording.”

Mccree's voice actor

Genji’s sfx

AeroRespawn asked a question: “How was Genji’s blade sound in the Highlight was recorded?”

Blizz-PaulLackey answered: “we just took 2 swords, and then beat them by each other to make them resonate, and after we just play it backwards.”

12 various voice actors for each Overwatch hero

Rechan asked: “This game have a record number of languages. How many translators working on one character? “.

ScottLawlor responds: “I won’t say exact numbers, but I’m sure that Overwatch is localized into 12 languages, so that means that we have 12 different actors for each character. But there are exceptions, for example a Widowmaker has one the same actress that speaks in both English and French. If you watched the short films on YouTube, you can notice it.

Mercy's voice actor

SnugglesFabric asked: “How does the dialogue system works? And how many people are working on this?”

ScottLawlor responds: “our writer Michael Chu makes nearly 100% of the dialogues in the game, but the team sometimes have a good idea. One of the coolest things that we have done with our dialog system is a “specialization” rows. For example, there are “stinging” string that can be heard when you kill someone. Most of these general lines (refer to any old/category), but Mike could easily add a criteria for which rows will be related to spot: If the action will happen on a certain map or with a specific character. For example is a replica of the Tracerdeath comes“, when she mocks at Reaper after his assassination.

Tracer's voice actor

Wow_so_rpg asked: “for what the character was more fun to do sounds?”

Blizz_ScottLawlo replied: “for me it was a Tracer’s blink. By the way, this sound was one of the first sounds in the game.”


Other news about Overwatch:

Overwatch: Heath bars

In the Overwatch’s world, we have health, shields, barriers and even additional armor that increase your’s maximum Hp pool. 5 various options and each of them are different from each other, but all of them try to reach one goal – to keep you alive.

Health Points in Overwatch

Health points are the easiest of all health bars in overwatch because it follows the all basic rules of video games. All heroes have a base amount of health points, that is shown up in the white color in the user’s interface. Each vertical bar equals to 25 health points, and if yours hp reach zero, you’ll just die.

Health points can be restored by the healers, or by picking up first aid kits, that are spawning on various places on the map. Little medkits have cylindrical form and heal by the 75 points, but large medkits restore 250 hp. All these kits have a respawn timer that equals to 10 sec.

Armor in Overwatch

Armor is shown in the interface, but in the yellow color. Some characters have armor from the start, and any champion can get an additional 75 point of armor by picking up a Torbjorn’s armor kit. To create this kit he need to collect 50 pieces of scrap, and this made this ability the most useless in the whole game. Sad but true. This is true because all Health bars can be restored by healers (but in twice slower then healt points) or just by picking up a healthkit. Torbjorn’s armor can not be restores after destroying. Well of course, you can restore it by picking up another armor kit.

Health bars in Overwatch

Besides the fact that armor can be restored, it’s role is in the keeping your hero safe. Firstly – armor is the first thing that damaged while you hero is under attack. Your health bars reading from the right to the left, and this means that all that you have beside health points will be destroyed first. Also armor decrease all incoming damage by 5 points, but if the damage is less then 10, then it will be decreased by half (200 damage – 5 =195 damage in armor, 6 damage / 2 = 3 damage in armor).

Shields in Overwatch

Shield is third and final form of healt bars in Overwatch. They displayed in the user’s interface by the light-blue color. Shield points are equal to the health point, but the as in the armor case are positioned in the right side of your’s health bar, so they will be damaged in the first. Some heroes have shields from the very beginning, but Symmetra’s ultimateShield Generator add additional 75 points of shield to all allies in the radius of 50 meters. Sheild can not be restored by healers, and this is a great problem to such heroes like Zenyatta, Zarya, Symmetra. Medkits also can not restore shields.

But the bright side of all this, that shield are self restoring points. All you need to hide for a short period of time, and your regeneration process will be started immediately.

Barriers in Overwatch

Well this is not really a health bar, but i just can not ignore them. Barriers do not affect any other health bars, but the prevent damage of all heroes that stands under it’s protections. The brightest example of the barrier – Reinhardt’s shield. Barriers just absorb enemie’s damage. All barriers have their own healt bars and after they reach their limit, they will just be destroyed.

Zarya's barrier

At the moment we have 3 barrier types in the game:

  • Frontal – As Osyra or Reinhardt’s shields that prevent damage from the one side.
  • Dome – Winston’s shield barrier that have a dome form.
  • Bubble – Zarya’s bulle that covers an ally hero in the bubble that prevents 200 damage.