League of Legends Analytics: Patch 9.11 | Major changes

Patch 9.11 in LoL: What’s new?

Newest LoL patch shook the Meta greatly, but which changes are most impactful? If you are really interested in it, then this article was created for you. The most interesting and thrilling changes of the League of Legends Patch 9.11 are not so great 😀 But they will lead you to the major rework that will hit the live servers pretty soon.

Champion changes – 9.11

As most of the patches, this one is balancing many champions. Most of the upcoming changes are affecting the strongest champions of the previous patch, but there are some interesting decisions that may highlight heroes quite brightly.


Khartus LoL

Junglers were affected the most in this patch, so let’s start with them. First one in line is Karthus, whose ultimate ability was nerfed quite a lot. The base damage and AP ratio are now much lesser than it was before. And not Karthus is not in the rank of the Junglers with the strongest scaling abilities. In general, nothing changed for that champion, he still manages to clear all jungle camps before Rift Scuttler spawns. The same fast clearing speed and incredibly strong ganks. But now you need to adapt to Ultimate changes to correctly calculate the damage output during ganks. To truly nerf Karthus Riot Games need to add some restrictions to his Q ability if it is used on the neutral creeps.

Master Yi

Pulsefire Master Yi

Another nerf of the Master’s Yi attack speed. This time it was nerfed down to 0.679 and that is quite a lot. But the real problem is the nerfs of Alpha Strikes (Q ability) down to 15%. Taking into account the previous nerfs in patch 9.10 the new Master Yi is looking much less effective in the jungle and his snowball potential was decreased. And don’t forget that now Attack Speed items will be not so effective as before, so focus on Warrior and Crit Chance builds instead.



Another patch, another Rammus nerf. This time his ultimate base damage was nerfed. It won’t affect this hero a lot, but if you get used to his damage, you need to reconsider your calculations. He is still quite good as a jungler, but with this nerf he will not be as good as before in teamfights or during ganks. Don’t forget about some little details like delated crab timer and Cinderhulk buff, with these changes new Rammus will be a little stronger in games.


Warwick LoL

Warwick, the jungler who survived! And not only survived but became stronger. Jaws of the Beast healing was increased a lot on the last level of ability (from 70% to 90%) and now his dueling potential is incredibly good. I could say that in team fights you even may become as strong as Nunu. With that change, even skill build may be changed. Previously Jaws of the Beast was not so hi-priority ability, but now it’s value increased a lot.


Zac Let's Bounce

The great rework is here! Zac’s ultimate is now reworked, Riot Games decided to bring it back to the classy one. And I am happy with that! Cuz current ultimate is too complicated to use and there were only a few situations in my whole career where his ultimate was really helpful. So I’m pretty glad that good old “Let’s Bounce” ultimate is back, and boosters at Elo-Boosters.com are extremely happy about this! Bringing chaos to enemy positioning is always fun and the most important it is impactful as hell! I may only dream about Riot bringing back immunity to CC while Zac casting R ability, and he will become God Tier tank-jungler.


Akali LoL

Whew, we finished with junglers. So let’s look at Akali’s nerfs. The most important one is her passive nerf. Everything was decreased, starting from energy restorations to the AP and AD scaling. It is a HUGE blow to the late stages of the game and I cannot imagine a situation where Akali will be considered as a good pick. Her win rate will be dropped definitely.


Akali League of Legends

Our lovely support Janna received a slight rework in the LoL patch 9.11. First of all her W – Zephyr ability received reducing of CD and damage. While Eye of the Storm – E, received an increased shield and new visual effects.EACH of Janna’s ability that CCs an enemy will decrease the CD on E by 20%. So if you’ll master her skillshots you will be a precious gift to any ADC because in that case, they will receive a permanent shield. Thank Riot for bringing back the ADC meta back to League of Legends.


Galio skin LoL

Galio, I love that guy but we all need to accept that he must be nerfed sooner or later. Shield of Durand – W, and Justice Punch – E, base damage was decreased quite a lot. So the only choice to see a great Galio – is to build his as an AP Galio on mid lane. But think about it, while there is an AP Nautilus, who would pick AP Galio? Right now I DO NOT recommend you to pick Galio in any situation.

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