Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 | New Skins, Game mode and other

Overwatch Winter Wonderland |  New Year in Overwatch

At the 12 December 2017, in Overwatch, the new event starts – Winter Wonderland. In this year with the new hero skins, the good old event “Operation blizzard” will come back with the second event – “Yeti Hunter“.

overwatch winter wonderland

Papa Jeff Kaplan recorded another “News from the developers” in which he described in details of all new enhancements on “Winter Wonderland“.

  • Handzo will receive a new legendary skin that is based on the comics series of the game.
  • Roadhog and Junkrat¬†will receive two legendary skins as well.
  • Winter variations of the popular maps are back. King’s Row and Hanamura will be painted in white during the event.
  • Operation Blizzard is back not only in Ecostation: Antarctica, but also on the winter’s version of the Black Forest.
  • For all Mei lovers, developers add the new game mode – Yeti Hunter, where a squad of five Mei will hunt Winston in the Yeti skin.
  • In the new game mode, Winston must hide from Mei and collect meat, that will charge his Primal Rage. While the Primal Rage is active Winston turn the game and turn into a hunter himself.

overwatch wonderland