Overwatch: 3 duets to defend the point

Best defensive combo in Overwatch

If you decided to choose such combination of heroes, then your enemies will be disapointed, because then can not easily win the point. And we all know what happened when enemies can not win games – they lose them, and this is mean that your team win!

Winston and Zenyatta: Transcendence shield.


Best description to this duo – “soft defense“. Your comand can use it from 1st of 2nd point on the map. Winston is a heavy tank that have a huge shield. And Zenyatta’s Transcendence allow him to live much longer and charge his ultimate in furious battle. This defensive duo unite team and awake their team spirit. Best defense – good offense.

Bastion and Symmetra: Turrets on line.

Bastion Overwatch

Only weakness of Bastion – flangs. While he in turret mode he can not just change his position and he left his flangs open. And right here Symmetra comes. She start a perfect synergy with Bastion by placing her sentry turrets to defend him.

Also when Bastion’s and Symmetra’s ultimates are ready they can push front line further on. Bastion will clean the way and Symmetra place an Teleport fo reinforcements.

Torbjorn and Mercy: We can just build them anew!

Torbjorn on Turret

This is a hardcore defence. You literally just say to enemies “We are not going to leave this place ever!“. Turret of Torbjorn is a perfect defensive weapon that will spot every enemy before you ever seen them. And Mercy – super strong support that heal her team, and can revive them in a moment even if they all die in battle. True power of this combo – ability to “reload” the battle if something goes wrong. Torbjorn with his overheated turret can defend point alone, while Mercy is Flying to the fallen allies to rise them again.

But any attempts to push front will be tradical. If Mercy will be killed, then it almost means that the team is Doomed.

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Overwatch: Can Symmenta be saved?

The Indian architect with a fancy name at the moment has the most unenviable position in the game. Despite the fact that the percentage of winrate of Symmetra has always been higher then all the other characters, and she is chosen often enough in the professional and amateur games, she is – the most highly specialized character in Overwatch, which dramatically loses its value depending on the mode , maps and stages of the match.

How blizzard can save Symmetra?


In a recent address to the players Jeff Kaplan, general producer of Overwatch, said that they are aware of the problems of Symmetra and they are going to change her in the near future.

Meticulous players found in the files of the game, several new Indian replics, in which she reports that “10 charges left” and warns that she is ready to “strengthen shields.” It is unclear what exactly it means. Perhaps Teleport charges will increase to 10, and maybe she will have some new ability that can be used a limited number of times. Strengthening shield can also mean that one button will impose symmetra’s shields, and then temporarily “blow” them from 25 to, for example, 100. Then, the shield will be blown back as the “sound barrier” Lucio.

Overwatch Symmetra

We know that the developers do not like to clone abilities, so it is unlikely that they will introduce something so similar to barriers of Zarya and Lucio, but the other options it is difficult to imagine.

Before Halloween update players on the forums have started to dream about how it would be possible to change the character, Jeff Kaplan is clearly aware of the most popular proposals, so he thought it necessary to say, that the Symmetra will not heal any one, in any form. Symmetra is not a doctor, and she will never be. Well, sad, ideas about healing turrets were curious.

Fantasizing on what would change this arrogant woman into a more universal character, it is quite interesting, but first you need to understand the disadvantages of its current set of abilities.

Symmetra’s Teleport

Symmetra's teleport

It is the main advantage and the main curse. If we imagine that each character has a fixed set of “coolness points“, then the teleport is too expensive, and the two basic ability and her basic attack have no points to became better. Any other abilitie will make that Indian too powerful.

If the enemy team has a sensible Genji or Tracer and they saw the first red ball flying at them at the beginning of the match, they realize their mission. Listen carefully as some of the allies did say “enemy have a teleport”, then – go into the rear, ignoring the object and capture enemy fire, rummage all the most obvious places for teleport, find it and destroy it. If they succeed, their team gets the advantage. If in the fear of the enemies Symmetra begins to put teleport away from the point, in less obvious places, it has reduced its value as the amount of time that it saves reduced. In the cargo mode you can sometimes not even look for a teleport, because it will be destroyed each time you capture a control point, so simply drop off cargo and not to worry about the enemy reinforcements.

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Greatest rebalance of Overwatch since the release

For a few weeks developers of Overwatch test some changes in balance on PTR (Public Test Realm), and they saying that not all of them will go on live servers. At 15 november all these changes go on live servers. Blizzard add 1 new hero – Sombra, and new game mod – Arcade.

All this new nerfes and buffs will completely change game and heroes Meta.

Change log in brief:

  • all ultimates now charges for 25% longer
  • No more “all D.Va” teams in quick games. 1 pick for a team just like in competiteve matches.
  • D.Va now feels much more cooler.
  • Pharah became stronger.
  • Soldier now can kill someone.
  • Nano boost from Ana will not increase movement speed no more.
  • Added new hero – Sombra.
  • Added new game modes.

So let look at these changes more closely:


Now she has 600 units of health (was 500), movement speed while she fire is increased, and many people talks that Blizzard stealth buff her attack power in mech. If you meet her and she fly right up to you, then you will be probably dead, before you can run away.


Those egiptian fall out from professional meta, when developers give to McCree ability to shoot at any range without lose of damage. Blizzard now try to bring her back from dead by some buffs like:

  • Jet pack now by 35% more powerful
  • Minimal damage from her missles increased by 13%

Soldier 76

Damage from each bullet increased from 17 to 20, and bullet spread increased from 2.2 to 2.4.

And that realy useful, now Soldier 76 can kill enemies and deal a good overall damage. And maybe he can challange McCree for a spot into competetive matches. 13% damage increase is not feel as some big deal, but in game this little buff can turn the game.


Our little boy now changed, his hammer attack speed increased by 25% but damage decreased to 27%. And now you do not need to run on battlefield to find some metal scrap, now scraps start to generate automaticly and you can protect your team without any risk.



She was nerfed, but many people suggested that this nerf only make her stronger. Now 1 barrier charge her cannon only at 40% no at 50% as before, and amount of gaining energy was reduced by 20%. This is unpleasant, but this is not enough to knock her from the throne.

Also her beam now start to deal damage right after it hit the hitbox of enemy, without strange delay as before.

This buf greatly increase damage from her beam, and now she can deal with small heroes like Genji, Traces, Sombra.



Blizzard decided to increase speed of charging of her rifle by 20% and this is a giant number. Now she start to appear in competiteve matches more often, and now teammates stop whine when they see her in pick.


Her selfheal now activates after 1 sec delay (was 3 sec), and now when ultimates charged by 25% slower her main ability (ressurection) may be even better.


Her ultimate charge rate was slowered by an additional 15% (yes 25% from all nerf and then again 15%) so now you can not use your ultimate 2 times per 1 teamfight. But the main power of this hero is in iceicles and ice walls, so we will still see that hero in competiteve.


With each patch Blizzard tries to knock down this dj from his Healer Throne, and again they are not succseded. Nerf of his active ability by 10% is not a such great nerf. But if blizzard will continue to nerf this guy, some day he will leave his throne.


Ana amarie

She was a mother of 3-3 formation (3 tanks absorbs damage, and 3 healers charge their ultimates on tanks) due to her Nano boost on Reinhardt. Now with nerf of Nanoboost Reinhardt (and all tanks) are not the best options. It is a chance that without additional movespeed he just can not catch any of the opposite team. So with this buff formation 3-3 now with high probability will be dead.


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Why it is worth to buy Overwatch

New king of team FPS genre? Meet – Overwatch

Tracer Overwatch

Multiplayer shooters live for as long as they can maintain the interest of the audience, it is critical to gain the attention of gamers and hold it. Not all games can do that, but Overwatch, Blizzards debut in the genre of the team FPS, inspire us with great hope.

Until now, the king of the genre of team shooters with different character classes was Team Fortress 2, which is 9 years old, hard to belive to that. And tens of thousands people still play it every day – and I was among them.

The first step to winning the TF2 audience was its widespread availability. But it was enough just to try it and it will dispel all doubts – it was intuitive, rich, bright and extremely addictive shooter game that is not a bit bored and it was possible to spend days and weeks playing that game. I’ve played enough in TF2 (more than four thousand hours), and of all the games in the past many years, only one seriously could covet the throne of shooter from Valve – Overwatch.

Overwatch team

And there were many candidates. Yes, but where are they all? Does anyone now remembers Battlefield Heroes? APB (2010)? Brink? Primal Carnage? Loadout? Even large and hyped multiplayer shooters from industry giants, like Titanfall and Evolve, became “extinct” shortly after release: almost no one plays in them. However, there are much reasons to believe that in the case of the Overwatch that will not happen again.

King is dead all hail the king

Blizzard managed to create an incredible buzz around the game. Open Beta of Overwatch gathered more participants than any other, and Blizzard beat past record from Ubisoft – Tom Clancy’s The Division, and winged with hype around the new “Star WarsBattlefront. Unlike Valve with TF2, Blizzard did not have to impose their game to the public – the people themselves flew at her, biting own elbows while waiting for Overwatch release, and then just after release servers was immediately dropped, but Blizzard was ready for almost anything.

Widowmaker Overwatch

People will remain in the game – just for the reason for which many blamed Overwatch. It is not free-to-play, and people that are willing to pay $ 40-60, by default a lot more interested in it than one who ran to “play game or two” in the shareware game simply because it does not cost anything.

The absence of other game modes, except multiplayer, ensures that all who have bought the game are interested in it and not in something else.

Finally, Overwatchs user base will not be fragmented. Blizzard has promised that all the characters, modes and arenas will go free in the future, which means that all the players will always be on a par.

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Battlefield 1, first impressions

What we have before?

Battlefield airship

Battlefield changes its scenery without any regard in the second time. The last time the series was surprised even more when they replace bored battles of modern armies with cinematic showdown of gangsters with the cops.

I remember how Battlefield 4 disappointed their fans with a small campaign, which has bad plot, the key word here – BAD. Then they do a Battlefield: Hardline: Detective story, bad cops, cocaine, palm tree, very bad cops. But what from Battlefield they left in that game? What kind of Battlefield it is, if in a half of the game you crawling on all fours, and snapping villains in handcuffs?

It’s time to go back to the origins of mass war. Such that involves an entire society, not just a small class of human soldiers.

Brighter future

World War 1 tank

Battlefield 1 is much different from any other game. This BF does not have any logical plot, just a few stories from a simple soldiers, that have not any connections between them. All that campaign are short, for an hour or little more, and all of them contain only 1 story from theirs life.

Black soldier from the tittle – soldier of Harlem Hellfighters appear in game only  in prologue. Prologue itself is very short, and it tries to show to you how miserable was life of a small soldier in a World War I.

Other campaigns are bigger of course. 1 story – is a story of a young driver, that try to survive in a Tank Mark V. For a few missions they will tell you about your duty, will to live, and try to set the grim spirit of the World War I. Then we will watch at conflict between naive patriotism, and cynocism, that was boiled in his own blood. Another chapter of this story will tell us about a Gallipoli Campaignmain fetish of australian militaries. Then we will watch how Osmanic soulless machenary fights against Arabic Horsemans.

These stories are nice, but all they are naive: Here main hero change his view on life too easily, and logic (even military logic) is broken more than once.

MMOFPS part of BF 1

Battlefield 1

But Battlefield are games about Online Battles, and not about plot. And they succeeded in that. Now we have airships, dreadnoughts, and the armored train. Elite soldiers (like Heroes in Battlefront), and horses.

Role of tanks has changed, now they are not the fast monsters that destroys everything that they see, they became a prehistoric iron boxes, that must play a support role to others. Almost behind every machine you will see a bunch of soldiers that try to hide from enemy fire.

In Batllefield 1 you will not find a shelter on the map in the late game. They all will be destroyed, and all that you can, is try to find some cover under each tree branch.


After a desperate defense of fortress Faw when you and two friends were for a ten minutes in the funnel, trying to count explosions overhead, seeing nothing of the thick smoke, firing at random into the void – that’s when you realize that Battlefield moved on the rusty, but still working rails of First World War.


Rumors: next Call of Duty will unfold in Vietnam

Although to the premiere of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare there are still almost three weeks, the web already rumors about the next game in the series. According to IGN Spain, event in next Call of Duty you will be fighting in Vietnam.

call of duty vietnam 2

 Here and below: concept art Call of Duty: For of War, found in 2014 in the portfolio of the artist Eddie del Rio 

Leaks from Spain

Spanish journalists learned that before release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare studio Sledgehammer Games was planning to create a new game in series that used to be a TPS, which takes place in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam between 1955 and 1975. Among the variants of its name cited Fog of War and Vietnam. According to co-founder of studio Michael Condrey, it was very dark, cinematic and looked like a variation of Uncharted Game on the theme of “Apocalypse Now”. The team created a 15-minute demo version of the game, followed by development of the project has been stopped, but according to the named resource, of Activision decided to make a new Call of Duty a little bit “Vietnamese”. It is not known will they use for its development materials of cancelled “For of War” or not, and whether it will retain a third person view.

call of duty vietnam 3

Anyway, the series already have the game, events of that was occur in Vietnam. Thus, in one of the missions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2010 gamers visited the southern part of the country. Trailer of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – again a futuristic game of the series – has become one of the leaders in the number of negative marks on YouTube. Perhaps, Activision has decided to listen to the requests of gamers and return to a more traditional military subjects.

Development Studio

Rumors that the new part will be developing by Sledgehammer Games, looks like a scheme that was used by publisher, according to which in the creation of Call of Duty engaged in three different studios that replacing each other. In 2017, will come the turn of the studio Sledgehammer Games: the latest game does Infinity Ward, and for the previous was responsible a Treyarch studio.

call of duty vietnam

As a general, Activision announces new part of Call of Duty in April or May: so, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was presented in April 9, 2015, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – May 2, 2014, and 2016. respectively. Announcements are usually preceded by a large number of unofficial information, therefore, most likely in the spring of next year, a new Call of Duty will acquire a sufficient number of rumors. CoD release is likely to be held in November 2017 – month, there were all the games in the series, except Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be released worldwide on November 4th, 2016 in versions for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As part of its special editions it will be included with a HD-remaster Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ( that highly impressed all journalists), which has already received by those who pre-order one of these versions for the PlayStation 4.

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Titanfall vs Call of Duty

Another Killer of CoD


Titanfall, that was released by the company Respawn Entertainment, is very popular among the gaming community worldwide.

Titanfall is a new first-person shooter, with a completely new principle of walking, running and climbing. And on top of that, players will be able to use the Titans.

Without a doubt, Call of Duty, is an icon of the gaming industry, it is an incredibly powerful franchise. For this reason, people are buying new version of COD every year, because it is – Call of Duty.

Call of Duty is a game focused primarily on the mass market. It attracts both casual, professional, and hardcore players. In Call of Duty everyone can find for himself something interesting, regardless of whether you play in your spare time, after school or work or on a competitive basis.

Casual players who do not want to go into complex details as the creation of a class, and the rest of the Perks configuration of Call of Duty, primarily attracts accessible and direct nature of this series of games. On the other hand, hardcore and professional players use a lot of additional features and configurations to increase the effectiveness of the game.

CoD for casuals


According to Mark Rubin of Infinity Ward, in fact most of the players of Call of Duty – casual players, so simple ( ‘pick up and play’) nature of the game is still popular in the mass market. However, we expect that many of our readers are not just casual players, so we hope to see a different future of Call of Duty.

Marc Rubin also said: “A huge number of our players are more in the casual gaming space, but nevertheless they played a lot.” – “It may sound a bit strange, because they are not a hardcore gamer or just gamers, but playing Call of Duty almost every night.”


Titanfall vs CoD

The game Call of Duty has a very simple approach and has a “proven formula“, which continues to attract players. That is why it up and continue to be sold in large numbers for many years.

Given the above, we note that the game Titanfall, will have undoubtedly a great future.

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CoD: Ghost – Review

Call of Duty: Ghost – game about dog?

A few years after the release, I finally decided to go and play it. At the time of release it was a disgusting port of the PC version (currently i play at ps4 at high complexity with disabled autoaim, but the cross is still try to aim at own will), which tuned me against this part of Call of Duty.

But I was wrong. Not about the port, it is still terrible.

My impressions

But the game itself, or rather a single part of it – it is good, I was surprised how much I liked it. Perhaps this is a side effect of the current gaming industry, in which each shooter turned into a futuristic shit with drones, exoskeletons and jetpack. Maybe I just missed good old shooters about special forces.

Yes, the plot in this game is awful. It was so stupid and I did not really understand the motivation of the military conflict. The main villain also consists of a cliché, the final confrontation was in the series five times already. But.

But it is in this part of the relatively high concentration of wow moments, moments of the explosion and a variety of levels. Part of the mission was on various techniques, on a tank, helicopter and even underwater, and in space. It looks cool, and is is not felt that the game is overloaded with uber moments. And the game is beautiful. The first levels in the city, it certainly nightmarish, but you just take a look at the screenshots.

Call of Duty: GhostCall of Duty: Ghost Call of Duty: Ghost Call of Duty: Ghost


Well, why this cliffhanger, if the sequel still do not planned? I hate cliffhangers.


There is only 2 missions with the dog in a whole game, really, I expected the whole (or at least a large part of the game) to run with little friend, but there is only 30 minutes of 8 hours of the whole game.

I would put it above the Modern Warfare 3, and perhaps even above the Advanced Warfare, but I can not compare it with BO3 because i still dont play in it.

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