Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 | New Skins, Game mode and other

Overwatch Winter Wonderland |  New Year in Overwatch

At the 12 December 2017, in Overwatch, the new event starts – Winter Wonderland. In this year with the new hero skins, the good old event “Operation blizzard” will come back with the second event – “Yeti Hunter“.

overwatch winter wonderland

Papa Jeff Kaplan recorded another “News from the developers” in which he described in details of all new enhancements on “Winter Wonderland“.

  • Handzo will receive a new legendary skin that is based on the comics series of the game.
  • Roadhog and Junkrat will receive two legendary skins as well.
  • Winter variations of the popular maps are back. King’s Row and Hanamura will be painted in white during the event.
  • Operation Blizzard is back not only in Ecostation: Antarctica, but also on the winter’s version of the Black Forest.
  • For all Mei lovers, developers add the new game mode – Yeti Hunter, where a squad of five Mei will hunt Winston in the Yeti skin.
  • In the new game mode, Winston must hide from Mei and collect meat, that will charge his Primal Rage. While the Primal Rage is active Winston turn the game and turn into a hunter himself.

overwatch wonderland

Why it is worth to buy Overwatch

New king of team FPS genre? Meet – Overwatch

Tracer Overwatch

Multiplayer shooters live for as long as they can maintain the interest of the audience, it is critical to gain the attention of gamers and hold it. Not all games can do that, but Overwatch, Blizzards debut in the genre of the team FPS, inspire us with great hope.

Until now, the king of the genre of team shooters with different character classes was Team Fortress 2, which is 9 years old, hard to belive to that. And tens of thousands people still play it every day – and I was among them.

The first step to winning the TF2 audience was its widespread availability. But it was enough just to try it and it will dispel all doubts – it was intuitive, rich, bright and extremely addictive shooter game that is not a bit bored and it was possible to spend days and weeks playing that game. I’ve played enough in TF2 (more than four thousand hours), and of all the games in the past many years, only one seriously could covet the throne of shooter from Valve – Overwatch.

Overwatch team

And there were many candidates. Yes, but where are they all? Does anyone now remembers Battlefield Heroes? APB (2010)? Brink? Primal Carnage? Loadout? Even large and hyped multiplayer shooters from industry giants, like Titanfall and Evolve, became “extinct” shortly after release: almost no one plays in them. However, there are much reasons to believe that in the case of the Overwatch that will not happen again.

King is dead all hail the king

Blizzard managed to create an incredible buzz around the game. Open Beta of Overwatch gathered more participants than any other, and Blizzard beat past record from Ubisoft – Tom Clancy’s The Division, and winged with hype around the new “Star WarsBattlefront. Unlike Valve with TF2, Blizzard did not have to impose their game to the public – the people themselves flew at her, biting own elbows while waiting for Overwatch release, and then just after release servers was immediately dropped, but Blizzard was ready for almost anything.

Widowmaker Overwatch

People will remain in the game – just for the reason for which many blamed Overwatch. It is not free-to-play, and people that are willing to pay $ 40-60, by default a lot more interested in it than one who ran to “play game or two” in the shareware game simply because it does not cost anything.

The absence of other game modes, except multiplayer, ensures that all who have bought the game are interested in it and not in something else.

Finally, Overwatchs user base will not be fragmented. Blizzard has promised that all the characters, modes and arenas will go free in the future, which means that all the players will always be on a par.

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