Call of Duty: World War II

COD is back

CoD: World war II

No surprises: Call of Duty: WW2 will come on November 3 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and will be dedicated to fighting on the Western Front of the Second World War. As expected, the preorder award will be eligible for early participation in the multiplayer testing. The owners of the PS4 will have the first access to the closed beta test, but later other platforms can join.

Call of Duty: WWII at the E3 2017

More details about multiplayer promises to be opened at the E3 2017 exhibit. For the time being, it is known that a special map will be created for multiplayer, something resembling a tower in the Destiny. Also, a new asymmetric capture mode and a new class system will appear. And, of course, the game will have a cooperative zombie mode – the Third Reich could not resist the temptation to create a cool mystical army in an attempt to reverse the course of war.

The story will rotate around the fate of the rookie of the United States 1st Infantry Division, Sergeant William Pearson, even though the game is not limited to one protagonist, and it will be possible to play as the woman in the French Resistance. Naturally, the game will show the most popular battles of the Second World War, such as the Normandy landing and the Battle of Hardenne. Most of the game will take place in the 1944-1945 year, but some of the Missions will be deployed in an earlier period to introduce the player to the heroes and lay the basis for the narrative. One of the main actors in the game – Josh Duhamel, known for “Transformers” and smaller movies.

CoD: WWII Zombie

Information about story

The scene campaign will become more personal, focused on the perception of a particular soldier, though the scale scenes are not going anywhere. Developers claim that they have done a tremendous job of making the locations and events in the game look reliable. The general tone of the Call of Duty: WW2 will be a dark, unpainted.

No more Wolverines in CoD

Automatic regeneration should be replaced by a system of closer interaction with the squad: the details are not yet revealed, but it is clear that some of the storyline’s partners will be able to heal your wounds, while others can share bullets. Distance is an important factor: if run far from the squad, then the medical care or additional supplies can be forgotten. And how it’s going to be implemented in multiplayer nobody knows yet.

Another significant innovation for the game supports the simultaneous participation of up to 48 players in multiplayer modes. Probably, this info is about “Headquarters” – the social space in which players are drawn between battles, but perhaps new modes will be able to accept more players than they have in the series.

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Titanfall vs Call of Duty

Another Killer of CoD


Titanfall, that was released by the company Respawn Entertainment, is very popular among the gaming community worldwide.

Titanfall is a new first-person shooter, with a completely new principle of walking, running and climbing. And on top of that, players will be able to use the Titans.

Without a doubt, Call of Duty, is an icon of the gaming industry, it is an incredibly powerful franchise. For this reason, people are buying new version of COD every year, because it is – Call of Duty.

Call of Duty is a game focused primarily on the mass market. It attracts both casual, professional, and hardcore players. In Call of Duty everyone can find for himself something interesting, regardless of whether you play in your spare time, after school or work or on a competitive basis.

Casual players who do not want to go into complex details as the creation of a class, and the rest of the Perks configuration of Call of Duty, primarily attracts accessible and direct nature of this series of games. On the other hand, hardcore and professional players use a lot of additional features and configurations to increase the effectiveness of the game.

CoD for casuals


According to Mark Rubin of Infinity Ward, in fact most of the players of Call of Duty – casual players, so simple ( ‘pick up and play’) nature of the game is still popular in the mass market. However, we expect that many of our readers are not just casual players, so we hope to see a different future of Call of Duty.

Marc Rubin also said: “A huge number of our players are more in the casual gaming space, but nevertheless they played a lot.” – “It may sound a bit strange, because they are not a hardcore gamer or just gamers, but playing Call of Duty almost every night.”


Titanfall vs CoD

The game Call of Duty has a very simple approach and has a “proven formula“, which continues to attract players. That is why it up and continue to be sold in large numbers for many years.

Given the above, we note that the game Titanfall, will have undoubtedly a great future.

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CoD: Ghost – Review

Call of Duty: Ghost – game about dog?

A few years after the release, I finally decided to go and play it. At the time of release it was a disgusting port of the PC version (currently i play at ps4 at high complexity with disabled autoaim, but the cross is still try to aim at own will), which tuned me against this part of Call of Duty.

But I was wrong. Not about the port, it is still terrible.

My impressions

But the game itself, or rather a single part of it – it is good, I was surprised how much I liked it. Perhaps this is a side effect of the current gaming industry, in which each shooter turned into a futuristic shit with drones, exoskeletons and jetpack. Maybe I just missed good old shooters about special forces.

Yes, the plot in this game is awful. It was so stupid and I did not really understand the motivation of the military conflict. The main villain also consists of a cliché, the final confrontation was in the series five times already. But.

But it is in this part of the relatively high concentration of wow moments, moments of the explosion and a variety of levels. Part of the mission was on various techniques, on a tank, helicopter and even underwater, and in space. It looks cool, and is is not felt that the game is overloaded with uber moments. And the game is beautiful. The first levels in the city, it certainly nightmarish, but you just take a look at the screenshots.

Call of Duty: GhostCall of Duty: Ghost Call of Duty: Ghost Call of Duty: Ghost


Well, why this cliffhanger, if the sequel still do not planned? I hate cliffhangers.


There is only 2 missions with the dog in a whole game, really, I expected the whole (or at least a large part of the game) to run with little friend, but there is only 30 minutes of 8 hours of the whole game.

I would put it above the Modern Warfare 3, and perhaps even above the Advanced Warfare, but I can not compare it with BO3 because i still dont play in it.

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